Murder Mystery in London - Monsterville Murder at Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent Garden

We were recently at the delightful Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent Garden to run our Monsterville Murder event, a delightfully devious murder mystery where the entire cast share one spooky similarity - they're already dead! Murder Mystery at Kingsway Hall Covent Garden

Guests must attempt to solve the murder of Duggaba, Lord of All Vampires, who has been staked by one of his own! With a suspect list including werewolves, mummies and ghosts, unravelling this mystery calls for some skilled deduction!

Here's what our client had to say:

"Thank you and your colleagues for an excellent night.The team have not stopped talking about the evening and has certainly brought them all together! Thank you again and I will certainly recommend your company to other departments."

If you'd like to talk to us about running a murder mystery event for your team, give us a call on 0845 006 0606.

TV Detective World Series Result - Columbo Vs Charlie's Angels

The results are in, they have been checked and independently verified, and the final bout of Round One of The Murder Mystery Company's TV Detective World Series is at an end. Colombo vs All 3 of Charlie's Angels

We can now reveal that the winner is...Lt Columbo

Of course it was.

Columbo didn't let the fact he was up against three opponents faze him in the slightest, and the result was one of the most significant whitewashes in the history of this fine event.

He played a textbook match, putting the Angels at ease straight away by mentioning how much his wife loves them, and then massaging their egos by deftly pretending he needed their advice on an unrelated matter.

In the final minutes of the match Columbo struck with a knock out punch of 'Just one more thing...' that managed to tie up a whole range of loose ends while giving the audience the satisfaction of watching a game well played.

The Angels, though experienced crime fighters, could do nothing against this onslaught, and early objections that Columbo had actually collected the winning trophy in the pre-credits sequence of the match and therefore unfairly gamed the system fell on deaf ears.

This was a masterclass in TV Detection, and Columbo rightly joins the other 15 contestants that are through to Round 2.

Round 2 will begin shortly, but if you can't get enough murder mystery, check our our website in the meantime!

Murder Mystery in Warwickshire - Hollywood Homicide at Walton Hall

A murder mystery can turn a team meal into an unforgettable event, allowing your group to unwind after a day of conference or meetings while still delivering real value in terms of teamwork and relationship building. We were recently at the lovely Walton Hall in Warwickshire to run our Hollywood Homicide murder mystery evening, and it never fails to impress!

Murder Mystery at Walton Hall

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is dragged down to the gutter following the shocking murder of a young starlet, and it is up to your guests to solve the crime.

During dinner they will interrogate suspects, perform forensic tests and chase down leads. Then, with coffee, teams deliver their verdict and hopefully bring the killer to justice.

Here's what our client had to say:

"We had a really enjoyable weekend and the murder mystery was very successful. Steve and the team were excellent. Everything ran really smoothly. Once the team was on-site on the day we didn't have to worry about anything, they got on with set-up quickly and efficiently and we felt really confident that everything was under control and that we could relax and enjoy the event. The actors were all very good at getting everyone to participate and really added fun to the evening."

Give our team a call on 0845 006 0606 to talk about adding a murder mystery to your next away day.

TV Detective World Series Result - Morse Vs Luther

The Murder Mystery Company isn't all award-winning events and corporate entertainment. We've also been trying to discover, once and for all, which is the greatest TV detective of all time. The latest heat of Round 1 of The TV Detective World Series has been concluded!

Morse vs Luther

We can now reveal that the winner is...Inspector Morse

This was a tightly contested battle, with each contestant having a dedicated fan-base. In the end, though, Morse's calm reason and unparalleled classic car ownership won out over Luther's desk smashing, rule breaking, serial killer befriending, unorthodox ways.

With only one more bout in the opening round of the TV Detective World Series it really is everything to play for!

Take a look at our main website for more information about murder mysteries, or just give our team a call on 0845 006 0606.

Murder Mystery in Surrey - Who Killed His Lordship at Woodlands Park?

We were recently at the beautiful Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham, Surrey for our Who Killed His Lordship murder mystery evening. Murder Mystery Evening at Woodlands Park in SurreyGuests have only just sat for dinner when there is an almighty crash and Lord John Burlington himself bursts into the room, screaming and choking and really having quite a terrible time of it!

Within moments Lord John lies dead and guests are introduced to their host for the evening, none other than the great Sherlock Holmes himself!

Over a sumptuous three course dinner guests question suspects, search pockets, perform forensic analysis and dust for prints as they try and ascertain Who Killed His Lordship?

Here's what our delighted client had to say:

"I would sincerely like to thank you for organising such a great event. All went smoothly and was well received by all. Me personally I have never experienced anything like it! Everyone was completely enthralled by the evening and we have many great photos to take away from this. I will certainly be in touch for any future events."

If you'd like to talk about one of our murder mystery evenings, give our team a call on 0845 006 0606.

TV Detective World Series Round 1 - Columbo Vs Charlie's Angels

We come to it at last. Here at the Murder Mystery Company, when we're not running award-winning events for a variety of corporate groups and other organisations, we've been trying to settle an important score - which is the greatest TV Detective of all time?

So began the TV Detective World Series, which saw 32 contestants chosen from an initial short-list of 60, pitted head to head in a straight up knock out match. The results for each heat have been decided by you, the viewing several, and have been independently verified by our own vote counters.

We have now reached the 16th and final 1st round bout - after this we will have our 16 second round players, but for now, one battle remains.

Columbo vs All 3 of Charlie's Angels

[polldaddy poll=8213504]

Judges Overview

He was the favourite coming into this first round, seen by many as the definitive TV Detective. Columbo has shuffled and smoked and 'just one more thing'ed through 68 episodes of his TV series over a massive four decades - he has managed that all but impossible feat of being current, dated, modern, old-fashioned and for all time.

It caused no small controversy when it was announced that Columbo would be up against all three of Charlie's Angels in the opening bout, and on paper things are even more interesting - Charlie's Angels ran to 110 episodes but over a much shorter timespan - only five years. But combining their score that gives them a massive 330 episodes between them!

Who will win? You decide!

Voting will close in one month. In the meantime, if you're in need of yet more murder mystery, please visit our main website!

TV Detective World Series Result - Frost Vs Gadget

Here at The Murder Mystery Company we've been gripped by possibly the most important tournament in living memory. The most recent bout in the first round of the TV Detective World Series has been concluded, the results independently verified and checked. Jack Frost vs Inspector Gadget

We can now reveal that the winner is...

Jack Frost

Of course it was.

Voting was furious, and Inspector Gadget found himself with an early lead. Judges felt though that in the end Gadget was too ineffective a crime-fighter to stand up to the trials ahead, whereas the world-weary cynicism of Jack Frost was exactly what this contest needed.

With only two more bouts to be contested in the first round, judges are starting to get serious for the second round, where the world's best television crime fighters will battle to get into the final eight!

Take a look at our website for Murder Mystery ideas, or call our team on 0845 006 0606 to discuss adding a little entertainment to your evening!

Murder Mystery in Hertfordshire - Who Killed His Lordship at Down Hall?

We were recently at one of our favourite venues, Down Hall in Hertfordshire, running our Who Killed His Lordship event. Unsuspecting guests are enjoying their pre-dinner drinks when suddenly there is a commotion outside - Lord John himself staggers into the room, coughing and spluttering with glorious, over the top passion before dropping dead there and then!

Sherlock Holmes was soon on the scene (having conveniently been dining in another room!) and sets out to solve the murder - with the guests' help!

Murder Mystery Evening at Down Hall in Hertfordshire

Guests were soon seated, and as they enjoyed a three course meal they attempted to solve the crime, interviewing suspects and rifling through evidence.

Over coffee, final verdicts were delivered, and then it was a simple case of re-enacting what happened on this most fateful of nights, complete with Sherlock Holmes narrator and hammy death scene!

A great evening was had by all. This is what our client had to say:

Very good, always felt you had listened to my requirements. The opening of the event with Lord John crashing into the room was great, given it was a surprise. Thank you for making the event very special indeed!

If you'd like to talk about how a murder mystery can add excitement and entertainment to your evening, give us a call on 0845 006 0606 or visit our website!

TV Detective World Series Round One - Morse vs Luther

Life at The Murder Mystery Company isn't all murder, you know. When we're not running award-winning corporate events up and down the country, we like to take a moment to consider the important things. It's time for another round of The TV Detective World Series.

This time...

Morse vs Luther

[polldaddy poll=7546330]

Judges' Overview

This round practically speaks for itself, as two great detectives, each very much a product of their time and place, go up against each other in the penultimate fight in this massive first round.

One set the pace for a thousand to follow, the other balanced those ideas on a cheap wooden desk and then flipped them over in a fit of uncontrolled rage.

But when all is said and done, which is best?

As ever, you decide. Voting closes in a month, and if you can't wait that long, take a look at what we get up to when we're not doing this.

Next Time

We come to it at last. The bookie's favourite coming into the World Series is up against not one, not two, not four but three opponents in his opening round!

Colombo vs All 3 of Charlie's Angels

Coming soon...

TV Detective World Series Round One - Frost vs Gadget

At The Murder Mystery Company we continue to split our time fairly between running award-winning corporate events for clients and answering the important questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything. Questions that don't need asking but certainly seem to need answering. Questions so significant that you couldn't find them in any textbook. Questions so important that once you learn the answer your life will probably be very similar to how it was before.

Questions like 'Which is the Greatest TV Detective of all time?'

To answer that question we have gathered 32 of the world's greatest crime fighters and are pitting them against each other, one after another in a battle of wits the like of which the world has never seen.

Who wins? You decide. But one thing is for sure - once you've decided, there's no going back. Well, until the next TV Detective World Series, anyway.

This time...

Jack Frost vs Inspector Gadget

[polldaddy poll=7546140]

It's a battle of the Trilby in this heat.

On the one hand we have Frost, a mild-mannered and untidy Inspector who is unmatched in solving mysteries. He doesn't mess about, has no time for grandstanding, and will not rest until he has caught his man.

On the other, we have Gadget. A mad cap and bumbling idiot of an Inspector, completely hopeless despite a number of cybernetic enhancements, and only alive today because of the quick thinking of his niece Penny, who he really shouldn't be bringing on crime fighting jobs anyway.

(Unless there's something in the compelling fan theory that Inspector Gadget and his Nemesis Claw are actually the same person, though that's as unlikely as a man having an extendable arm living in his hat).

It's over to you. Who deserves to be victorious in this bout and move on in the competition?

Voting closes in one month.

Next time

It's Heavyweight time...

Morse vs Luther

Mustard... Study... Dagger

After a short break spent trying to come up with ideas for the other three Cluedo weapons, or the 'less funny trinity' as we came to refer to them, we are back. For years people have played Cluedo when there is literally nothing else to do, and we have been looking at just how effective the six standard weapons would be in a real life situation. We have already examined the Rope (not very good), the Candlestick (for the gentleman murderer) and the Revolver (loud).

Now it is time for that murder weapon of murder weapons...

The Dagger

Putting 2 and 2 together

From prehistory to today, the dagger has been used as a means to kill. You don't get that kind of run at the top without being a pretty special piece of kit.

Traditionally a short blade that is sharpened on each side and tapered to a point, the dagger is the ultimate silent and deadly weapon. Add a cloak to the mix and you've got an entire sub-genre of nefarious behaviour to play with.

The unpleasant truth is that yes - a dagger makes a very good murder weapon. It always has and always will. It makes no sound, is easily concealed, has no moving parts and can be operated by all the various kinds of idiot.

But in this day and age, is it a practical weapon for the lady or gentleman murderer of the Cluedo universe? The kind of upstanding citizen that would get invited to the kind of dinner party that Dr Black was throwing on the fateful night he was killed?

Firstly, our would-be-murderer would have to conform to the current law regarding concealed weapons - it simply would not do for them to be caught by the local bobby or vicar with a machete strapped to their back - what would people think? This means the only 'dagger' that could be carried into a dinner party would be a swiss-army style folding knife with a blade no more than three inches in length.

Now we're getting somewhere.

There is a sense of pre-meditation about the murder in Cluedo. It took planning and foresight to arrange for the six dinner party guests to be in different areas of the house at the time of the murder, perhaps some kind of spontaneous suggestion that they each go rooting around in Dr Black's things while he's finishing off the scallops (a trick that has been used ever since by producers of TV's Come Dine With Me in the hope that a murder may spice up ratings).


It is hard for this reporter to imagine a successful murder could be carried out in this manner using a swiss-army knife. What if, in the heat of the moment, the murderer accidentally selected the fish knife? Or worse, the toothpick or bottle opener? This pre-meditated murder could collapse into anarchy, with the would be murderer having to resort to holding down his intended victim and waiting for the sun to come out so he can apply a fatal magnifying glass burn.

Pros: Silent, easy to conceal, can also remove stones from horses' hooves.

Cons: Fiddly, small, many functions could confuse in heat of moment.

Regardless of which Cluedo weapon is best, the safest thing to do would be talk to us about running your next murder mystery event for you.

TV Detective World Series Result - Scully vs Watson

Here at The Murder Mystery Company we continue to attempt to answer the great question of which TV Detective is the best. Putting one star up against another in a series of matches and asking you to vote for who you believe should go through. The first round of the TV Detective World Series continues apace, and one of the hottest bouts yet has been concluded.

Scully vs Watson

We can now reveal that the winner is...


With little more than 60% of the vote, Dana Scully proves that in the battle of sidekicks, it's really anybody's fight.

Watson is out, much to the disappointment of Sherlock himself who has been waiting patiently in the Winner's Enclosure since he gave Jonathan Creek a sending off back in May.

Scully has suffered her own heartache of course, having watched her partner Fox Mulder roundly sent packing by Diagnosis Murder's Mark Sloane back in May 2012!

So the rest of this contest will be about her proving that there's space in the world of TV Detection for reason, science, cynicism and a propensity for being knocked unconscious at crucial moments.

If you can't wait for the next match, take a look at what we're doing when we're not doing this!

The TV Detective World Series Result – Tyler vs Dowling

Here at The Murder Mystery Company we've been doing what we can to answer a question that has plagued television audiences since... well, sometime in the seventies we suppose: just who is the greatest TV Detective of all time? The first round is nearing its completion, and it's time to check in on the final score for the latest bout.

Tyler vs Dowling - the TV Detective World Series

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner is...

Sam Tyler beat Father Dowling with more than 90% of the vote

Of course it was.

With more than 90% of the vote this was a complete whitewash. Sam Tyler easily brushed off the competition from the older contender.

The judges felt on this occasion that it came down to giving the people what they wanted, and Tyler managed to perform. Dowling, on the other hand, never really committed to the battle.

But Tyler would be wrong to be complacent moving forward - the judges conceded that had the criteria been less about TV detection and more about, say, being Richie Cunningham's dad, then Dowling would have performed significantly better.

If Tyler was forced to go toe to toe with Dowling's alter-ego from Happy Days he may have found himself in trouble - Mr Cunningham wrote the book on having a TV show in one time that was set in another time, and could have shown him a thing or two about how to idealise the past while still taking lessons from it that can be applied to the present.

Tyler's win puts him in good stead though, and he has a brief rest before his second round encounter.

When we're not doing this, The Murder Mystery Company runs award winning murder mystery events all around the UK and Europe. Take a look at our main website for more information.

TV Detective World Series Result – Holmes vs Creek

The results are in and have been counted and verified, in the latest great heat of The Murder Mystery Company's TV Detective World Series!

Sherlock Holmes vs Jonathan Creek

We can now announce that the winner is...

Sherlock Holmes

It was a close run thing! At the time the vote closed Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes held 60% of the vote to Jonathan Creek's 40%.

The judges felt that Holmes had a timeless quality that enabled him to sway popular opinion, while reports that Jonathan Creek is getting a little older, a bit more married, and a lot less living-in-a-windmill may have cost him this battle.

So Holmes steps through into the Winner's Enclosure, where he can now wait patiently for the start of Round Two - he'll certainly be hoping for an easier ride next time!

For more murder mystery based shenanigans, visit our main website!

TV Detective World Series Round 1 - Scully vs Watson

Here at the Murder Mystery Company we've been trying to ascertain just who is the finest TV Detective of them all... and the first round is nearly over. So far we've seen Jimmy McNulty face off against Miss Marple, Poirot take on Jack Bauer and David Hasselhoff lose a scrap with himself - to name but a few. This time...


[polldaddy poll=6936188]

Judge's Overview

This is really the battle of the sidekicks, as two of television's favourite supporting sleuths meet each other in a freak scheduling shock.

FBI Agent and Doctor of medicine Dana Scully looks at the cases of her leading man through the eyes of a scientist, trying to keep Mulder's elaborate theories in check as he rages against aliens, government conspiracies and the paranormal.

Ex Soldier and Doctor of medicine John Watson, on the other hand, looks at the cases of his leading man with calm bafflement, trying to keep Holmes' elaborate theories in check as he solves murders.

On paper there's barely a thing to separate them, unless you consider things like gender, nationality, job, belief system or torch size. This one is going to be close!

Voting closes in one month.

Meanwhile, feel free to take a look at the main Murder Mystery Company website, for an idea of what we're up to when we're not up to this.

Next time...


TV Detective World Series Round 1 - Tyler vs Dowling

It's time for another 1st round battle in the TV Detective World Series! Here at the Murder Mystery Company we have been trying to answer the important questions, and at the top of the list is just who is the best TV crime fighting sleuth? You have been voting in your droves, and the second round is set to be a real fight... But for now, the first round nears its conclusion! sam-tyler-vs-father-dowling

[polldaddy poll=6936142]

Judge's Overview

This one looks to be a most interesting bout, with time travelling coma victim Sam Tyler stepping out against Chicago's favourite crime solving Catholic priest, Father Frank Dowling.

Through 43 episodes and three seasons viewers were gripped in their tens as Richie Cunningham's dad swapped Happy Days for a dog collar and stepped out to clean up the streets, using his own blend of friendly cunning and religious fervour.

Sam Tyler, meanwhile, won the hearts of millions when TV executives realised that police shows these days were a bit dull and wasn't it more fun in the seventies when everyone was drinking, smoking, punching everyone, not wearing seatbelts and calling suspects 'slags'. Slipping into a coma following an accident, Sam is transported back to the seventies where his by-the-book politically correct police procedural mind is thrown into the world of hard drinking, hard hitting, hard arteried hard man DI Gene Hunt. And then called a slag.

This one is going to come down to whether the voters prefer the time shifting shenannigans of a show that starts in the noughties and ends in the seventies, or one that spanned the glory years of 1989-1991 but looks like it might have been made even earlier than that.

As ever, you decide. Voting closes in one month's time. If you fear that the wait will cause you to explode in anticipation then please feel free to spend the interim examining our award winning murder mysteries over at The Murder Mystery Company's main website!

Next time...