Murder Mystery Themes

There's always a lot more to a murder mystery than simply deciding on 'whodunnit'. Do you want your evening to be a cerebral challenge or light hearted fun? Old fashioned or hi-tech? Below is a list of some of our murder mysteries based upon their particular theme:


Thinking about theming the evening with a bit of glitz and glamour? Murder and the Mob and Hollywood Homicide recreate the mystery and excitement of the dark side of the American Dream, while On Her Majesty’s Service can have your guests sipping Martinis in Dinner Jackets and Cocktail Dresses as they solve a murder in the name of her Majesty!


An old stately home; a lavish dinner party in full swing; white gloved butlers serving champagne from silver trays… And then murder! For the traditional tales of lords and ladies, serving staff with secrets and mistresses with motives, why not try Who Killed His Lordship?

Fancy Dress

If you really want your team to make an evening of it, why not get them into the spirit of the occasion by asking them to dress for the part? Try Murder and the Mob for some old fashioned glamour, or dust off the tuxedos and cocktail dresses for On Her Majesty's Service.


For the latest gadgets, from iPads to hidden cameras, give On Her Majesty’s Service a try. If you want to get the feel of a modern day investigation, try CSI:Murder to get your hands on genuine crime scene investigation equipment.

Treasure Hunts

If you want to get out and about for an afternoon of mystery themed fun, try the Sherlock Adventure or CSI:Hunt. For more treasure hunt ideas, take a look at our sister site, The Treasure Hunt Company.