TV Detective World Series Round One - Morse vs Luther

Life at The Murder Mystery Company isn't all murder, you know. When we're not running award-winning corporate events up and down the country, we like to take a moment to consider the important things. It's time for another round of The TV Detective World Series.

This time...

Morse vs Luther

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Judges' Overview

This round practically speaks for itself, as two great detectives, each very much a product of their time and place, go up against each other in the penultimate fight in this massive first round.

One set the pace for a thousand to follow, the other balanced those ideas on a cheap wooden desk and then flipped them over in a fit of uncontrolled rage.

But when all is said and done, which is best?

As ever, you decide. Voting closes in a month, and if you can't wait that long, take a look at what we get up to when we're not doing this.

Next Time

We come to it at last. The bookie's favourite coming into the World Series is up against not one, not two, not four but three opponents in his opening round!

Colombo vs All 3 of Charlie's Angels

Coming soon...