Murder Mystery in London - Monsterville Murder at Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent Garden

We were recently at the delightful Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent Garden to run our Monsterville Murder event, a delightfully devious murder mystery where the entire cast share one spooky similarity - they're already dead! Murder Mystery at Kingsway Hall Covent Garden

Guests must attempt to solve the murder of Duggaba, Lord of All Vampires, who has been staked by one of his own! With a suspect list including werewolves, mummies and ghosts, unravelling this mystery calls for some skilled deduction!

Here's what our client had to say:

"Thank you and your colleagues for an excellent night.The team have not stopped talking about the evening and has certainly brought them all together! Thank you again and I will certainly recommend your company to other departments."

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Murder Mystery in Warwickshire - Hollywood Homicide at Walton Hall

A murder mystery can turn a team meal into an unforgettable event, allowing your group to unwind after a day of conference or meetings while still delivering real value in terms of teamwork and relationship building. We were recently at the lovely Walton Hall in Warwickshire to run our Hollywood Homicide murder mystery evening, and it never fails to impress!

Murder Mystery at Walton Hall

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is dragged down to the gutter following the shocking murder of a young starlet, and it is up to your guests to solve the crime.

During dinner they will interrogate suspects, perform forensic tests and chase down leads. Then, with coffee, teams deliver their verdict and hopefully bring the killer to justice.

Here's what our client had to say:

"We had a really enjoyable weekend and the murder mystery was very successful. Steve and the team were excellent. Everything ran really smoothly. Once the team was on-site on the day we didn't have to worry about anything, they got on with set-up quickly and efficiently and we felt really confident that everything was under control and that we could relax and enjoy the event. The actors were all very good at getting everyone to participate and really added fun to the evening."

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Murder Mystery in Surrey - Who Killed His Lordship at Woodlands Park?

We were recently at the beautiful Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham, Surrey for our Who Killed His Lordship murder mystery evening. Murder Mystery Evening at Woodlands Park in SurreyGuests have only just sat for dinner when there is an almighty crash and Lord John Burlington himself bursts into the room, screaming and choking and really having quite a terrible time of it!

Within moments Lord John lies dead and guests are introduced to their host for the evening, none other than the great Sherlock Holmes himself!

Over a sumptuous three course dinner guests question suspects, search pockets, perform forensic analysis and dust for prints as they try and ascertain Who Killed His Lordship?

Here's what our delighted client had to say:

"I would sincerely like to thank you for organising such a great event. All went smoothly and was well received by all. Me personally I have never experienced anything like it! Everyone was completely enthralled by the evening and we have many great photos to take away from this. I will certainly be in touch for any future events."

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Murder Mystery in Hertfordshire - Who Killed His Lordship at Down Hall?

We were recently at one of our favourite venues, Down Hall in Hertfordshire, running our Who Killed His Lordship event. Unsuspecting guests are enjoying their pre-dinner drinks when suddenly there is a commotion outside - Lord John himself staggers into the room, coughing and spluttering with glorious, over the top passion before dropping dead there and then!

Sherlock Holmes was soon on the scene (having conveniently been dining in another room!) and sets out to solve the murder - with the guests' help!

Murder Mystery Evening at Down Hall in Hertfordshire

Guests were soon seated, and as they enjoyed a three course meal they attempted to solve the crime, interviewing suspects and rifling through evidence.

Over coffee, final verdicts were delivered, and then it was a simple case of re-enacting what happened on this most fateful of nights, complete with Sherlock Holmes narrator and hammy death scene!

A great evening was had by all. This is what our client had to say:

Very good, always felt you had listened to my requirements. The opening of the event with Lord John crashing into the room was great, given it was a surprise. Thank you for making the event very special indeed!

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Murder Mystery Evening in London - Monsterville Murder

Recipes to die for Each of our murder mystery evenings offers a unique experience, from the main storyline and characters involved, right through to the props and evidence and even the method of investigation that our guests use to solve the heinous crimes.

In The Pharaoh's Curse, for example, teams are transported back to colonial Egypt, sifting through the sands of history in an attempt to separate myth from murder before it's too late. Murder and the Mob sees an evening of speak easy glamour and glitz as guests find themselves caught in the middle of a mob war. The ever popular Who Killed His Lordship? takes teams into the home of aristocracy, with those above stairs having as much to hide as those below.

No murder mystery though is quite as unique as Monsterville Murder; unique because of the elaborate plot, the theming, the supporting cast, are nothing like our other mysteries.

But mostly unique because even the suspects are already dead!

Monsterville Murder PreperationSet in the Underworld, Monsterville Murder has teams investigating the untimely death of Duggaba, Lord of all Vampires. The list of potential suspects includes witches, werewolves, demons; all manner of creatures that go bump in the night.

Following the nail-biting introduction and death of our Vampire Lord, teams must set to the task of unravelling this mystery before the fallout spills into the streets of the mortal realm.

Monsterville Murder Event

At our recent Monsterville Murder event at the Kingsway Hotel in London, teams dressed the part and got involved in the spooky goings on through the evening and up to the witching hour, where their verdicts were submitted and truth was revealed.

"It was a cracking night, and everyone got massively involved. At the end the teams dressed up as the suspects and acted out their version of events - it was a very funny end to the evening!"

Dave Hall, Event Manager

To find out more about Monsterville Murder or any of our other award-winning murder mystery evenings, visit our website our give us a call on 0845 006 06 06

Murder at Oxford Spires

It is a frosty Saturday night in Oxford, and an unusual tension is in the air. Tonight, there will be some sinister action leaving Lord Burlington murdered! The Murder Mystery Company have been booked for a private birthday bash at The Oxford Spires Hotel to run one of our best selling murder mysteries, "Who Killed his Lordship?"

The actors get into character before the big death scene!

The diners are all sipping their wine and awaiting their starters, blissfully unaware of the horror that is about to begin. Suddenly there's a loud bang on the dining room door and an almighty groan of pain, as Lord Burlington stumbles into the room. Gasps of shock fill the room, as the poor man concludes a dramatic death scene and falls to the floor! 

There has been a murder, and only one man is equipped to crack the case. Holmes, Sherlock Holmes! With the aid of Sherlock and the local constabulary, the diners embark on solving the hideous crime. The tables are presented with the facts, and details about the suspects, who are all being held at the mobile Scotland Yard unit at the hotel.

Who Killed His Lordship

The diners form teams at their tables, and begin to interrogate the suspects. They thoroughly examine the contents of their pockets which have been confiscated by the police, search their criminal records, and carry out essential forensic tests. By the end of dinner as coffee is served the teams submit their verdicts, but did anyone solve this case? Just one team did on this occasion, but how would you fare at our Murder Mystery Evenings?

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Shaken, not Stirred... at The Murder Mystery Company

The days are darkening and the evenings drawing in quicker, and it's getting close to Halloween... the perfect time of year for some thrill seeking ghoulish action with a Murder Mystery dinner! Here at the Murder Mystery Company we have noticed the increase in our evening bookings already as companies are starting to sway towards indoor events rather than outdoor activities as the days grow colder. There are hundreds of venues we use for our themed murder mystery evenings and we offer a free venue finding service, or if you have a house or restaurant already booked we can cater for your entertainment needs!

If it's technology that tickles your taste buds then we recommend our 007 James Bond themed event, On Her Majesty's Service, which uses gadgets galore and you'll have to work out just who has planted that spy camera in your dining room! After an explosive death scene you are enlisted to help solve this hideous crime and work out the who, the why, and the how in this deadly plot. Teams are provided with suspect packs to start them off with character information, and it's up to you to gather the gruesome details through their ipad case files, forensic tests and real time printed suspect answers to your interrogation!

This recent scene at the Westcliff Hotel, Essex had the audience roaring with laughter as they took part in the final action when verdicts were revealed.

"Playing 007 is an ambition of every male actor, and in a Murder Mystery evening it creates a thrilling blend of the mysterious with glamour, and a whole lot of humour. Our professional actors love it!"

Tamara Nasser, Event Manager

For more details about our James Bond themed murder mystery, or other themed events visit our website or call 08450 06 06 06.

Murder Mystery Most Wicked in Wales

It was a quiet afternoon in Llandinam, Wales as our team set up the murder most horrid! The venue for such a crime - Plas Dinam, a Grade II listed historic country house set in the rolling hills of the Severn Valley. Murder Mystery venue

The views from the manor were breathtaking, especially for the victim - the last view this character would ever see before their death!

The Murder Mystery Company run terrifying events all over the country for corporate and private clients alike. Tonight's event was going to be "Who Killed his Lordship?" and a group of 20 eager diners were to embark on solving the crime!

Plas Dinam restaurant

Lord John waits in the wings and checks his watch as the diners are shown to their tables. The blood red wine is flowing a plenty as Lord John bursts into the dining hall for the death scene of the century!

Murder Mystery Characters

Event Manager, Zoe Taylor said,

"You could have cut the air with a knife as the diners looked on in amazement as Lord John staggered through the dining hall clutching his throat! The death scene will go down in history as one of the best in this spooky historic venue."

For more information on our Murder Mystery Evenings or other Team Building Events in Wales please call our Murder HQ on 0845 006 06 06 or visit the website.