TV Detective World Series Round One - Frost vs Gadget

At The Murder Mystery Company we continue to split our time fairly between running award-winning corporate events for clients and answering the important questions about Life, the Universe, and Everything. Questions that don't need asking but certainly seem to need answering. Questions so significant that you couldn't find them in any textbook. Questions so important that once you learn the answer your life will probably be very similar to how it was before.

Questions like 'Which is the Greatest TV Detective of all time?'

To answer that question we have gathered 32 of the world's greatest crime fighters and are pitting them against each other, one after another in a battle of wits the like of which the world has never seen.

Who wins? You decide. But one thing is for sure - once you've decided, there's no going back. Well, until the next TV Detective World Series, anyway.

This time...

Jack Frost vs Inspector Gadget

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It's a battle of the Trilby in this heat.

On the one hand we have Frost, a mild-mannered and untidy Inspector who is unmatched in solving mysteries. He doesn't mess about, has no time for grandstanding, and will not rest until he has caught his man.

On the other, we have Gadget. A mad cap and bumbling idiot of an Inspector, completely hopeless despite a number of cybernetic enhancements, and only alive today because of the quick thinking of his niece Penny, who he really shouldn't be bringing on crime fighting jobs anyway.

(Unless there's something in the compelling fan theory that Inspector Gadget and his Nemesis Claw are actually the same person, though that's as unlikely as a man having an extendable arm living in his hat).

It's over to you. Who deserves to be victorious in this bout and move on in the competition?

Voting closes in one month.

Next time

It's Heavyweight time...

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