TV Detective World Series Result - Columbo Vs Charlie's Angels

The results are in, they have been checked and independently verified, and the final bout of Round One of The Murder Mystery Company's TV Detective World Series is at an end. Colombo vs All 3 of Charlie's Angels

We can now reveal that the winner is...Lt Columbo

Of course it was.

Columbo didn't let the fact he was up against three opponents faze him in the slightest, and the result was one of the most significant whitewashes in the history of this fine event.

He played a textbook match, putting the Angels at ease straight away by mentioning how much his wife loves them, and then massaging their egos by deftly pretending he needed their advice on an unrelated matter.

In the final minutes of the match Columbo struck with a knock out punch of 'Just one more thing...' that managed to tie up a whole range of loose ends while giving the audience the satisfaction of watching a game well played.

The Angels, though experienced crime fighters, could do nothing against this onslaught, and early objections that Columbo had actually collected the winning trophy in the pre-credits sequence of the match and therefore unfairly gamed the system fell on deaf ears.

This was a masterclass in TV Detection, and Columbo rightly joins the other 15 contestants that are through to Round 2.

Round 2 will begin shortly, but if you can't get enough murder mystery, check our our website in the meantime!

TV Detective World Series Round 1 - Columbo Vs Charlie's Angels

We come to it at last. Here at the Murder Mystery Company, when we're not running award-winning events for a variety of corporate groups and other organisations, we've been trying to settle an important score - which is the greatest TV Detective of all time?

So began the TV Detective World Series, which saw 32 contestants chosen from an initial short-list of 60, pitted head to head in a straight up knock out match. The results for each heat have been decided by you, the viewing several, and have been independently verified by our own vote counters.

We have now reached the 16th and final 1st round bout - after this we will have our 16 second round players, but for now, one battle remains.

Columbo vs All 3 of Charlie's Angels

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Judges Overview

He was the favourite coming into this first round, seen by many as the definitive TV Detective. Columbo has shuffled and smoked and 'just one more thing'ed through 68 episodes of his TV series over a massive four decades - he has managed that all but impossible feat of being current, dated, modern, old-fashioned and for all time.

It caused no small controversy when it was announced that Columbo would be up against all three of Charlie's Angels in the opening bout, and on paper things are even more interesting - Charlie's Angels ran to 110 episodes but over a much shorter timespan - only five years. But combining their score that gives them a massive 330 episodes between them!

Who will win? You decide!

Voting will close in one month. In the meantime, if you're in need of yet more murder mystery, please visit our main website!