TV Detective World Series Result – Holmes vs Creek

The results are in and have been counted and verified, in the latest great heat of The Murder Mystery Company's TV Detective World Series!

Sherlock Holmes vs Jonathan Creek

We can now announce that the winner is...

Sherlock Holmes

It was a close run thing! At the time the vote closed Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes held 60% of the vote to Jonathan Creek's 40%.

The judges felt that Holmes had a timeless quality that enabled him to sway popular opinion, while reports that Jonathan Creek is getting a little older, a bit more married, and a lot less living-in-a-windmill may have cost him this battle.

So Holmes steps through into the Winner's Enclosure, where he can now wait patiently for the start of Round Two - he'll certainly be hoping for an easier ride next time!

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TV Detective World Series Round 1 - Holmes vs Creek

Here at the Murder Mystery Company we are doing our best to answer some of the important questions; questions like 'How can I arrange an amazing, affordable murder mystery evening for my team?' 'How can I choose the best venue and get the best rate?' And of course, 'Which is the greatest TV Detective of all time?'

This time...

Sherlock Holmes vs Jonathan Creek

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Judge's Overview

It's a battle of wits to an almost unprecedented scale as these two paragons of intellectual intimations step up to do battle.

On the one hand, you have the big coated, wavy haired, be-scarfed visage of Holmes who will stop at nothing to link seemingly innocent facts together until he has his man.

And facing him, the large of coat, springy of hair, scarf-fond Creek who will make a series of casual observations that will undoubtedly lead to solving a ridiculously elaborate crime that may or may not involve magic.

This is a first time for relative newcomer Holmes, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, though incarnations of the world's only consulting detective usually perform well in the World Series - we all remember the great Colombo upset of '89 like it was yesterday.

Creek on the other hand is a regular to the tournament, and is hoping to improve on his current record - he reached the semi-final in '97 only to be pipped at the post by a very much on-form Thomas Magnum.

Who wins? As ever, you decide. Voting closes in one month, and if you can't wait that long then please visit the main Murder Mystery Company website to see what we're doing when we're not doing this!

Next time...