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Murder Mystery Evenings

Designed to run alongside dinner, our murder mystery evenings add a whole new dimension to your evening. 


Can you and your guests decide on who the murderer was, the motive and how the killing was carried out?


All our murder mysteries have a highly engaging plot, and will keep you guessing at every twist and turn. You even have the opportunity to dress up and act out your verdicts at the end of the evening - but only if you want to!


On Her Majesty's Service Murder Mystery

On Her Majesty's Service

We are betrayed... This murder mystery combines hi-tech gadgets with a thrilling espionage plot, to create an experience that will leave you shaken and stirred. Read more...
CSI Murder Mystery Evening

CSI: Evening

The facts of the case... A tragic loss; a list of mysterious suspects; real world forensic equipment to use to close the case. Read more...

Murder and the Mob Murder Mystery Evening

Murder and the Mob

An offer you can't refuse... An event to remember! There has been a murder at the heart of the mob, and if it isn't solved soon, police are expecting total war!   Read more...

Who Killed His Lordship? Murder Mystery

Who Killed His Lordship?

The Game's Afoot! A traditional murder mystery evening with lords, ladies, maids and butlers... And Sherlock Holmes himself! Read more...

Hollywood Homicide Murder Mystery Evening

Hollywood Homicide

Lights... Camera... Murder! Prepare for an evening of glitz and glamour, sleaze and seduction, and a murder so high profile the world may never be the same again! Read more...

Monsterville Murder - Murder Mystery Evening

Monsterville Murder

Life after death... Dare you experience a murder mystery where death itself is only just the beginning? Read more...

The Da Vinci Files Murder Mystery Evening

The Da Vinci Files

Deliver us from evil... Some secrets have been guarded for centuries. Hidden in history, hidden in puzzles... Hidden by murderRead more...

A Question of Murder - Murder Mystery Evening

A Question of Murder

Death or glory... A quiz with a difference! From ways to kill a vampire to Colombo's collar-size, we test your knowledge of everything murder related!  Read more...

Death at the Races Murder Mystery Evening

Death at the Races

And they're off! The stakes have never been higher as the thrill of the racecourse is met head on by the intrigue of murder!  Read more...

One Fatal Knight Murder Mystery Evening

One Fatal Knight

Long live the king? This medieval murder mystery pits nobles against princes and knights against maidens as the royal court explodes into accusations and betrayal. Read more...

 murder mystery murder at bracket hall thumb

Murder at Bracket Hall

Murder most foul… Before Sherlock Holmes was doing battle with Moriarty and locking claws with the Hound of the Baskervilles, he was summoned to Bracket Hall to investigate a mysterious murder. Read more...

The Pharaoh's Curse Murder Mystery Evening

The Pharaoh's Curse

It lives... With the tomb open and the bodycount rising, can you solve the mystery of the curse before it's too late? Read more...

Death By Chocolate Murder Mystery Evening

Death By Chocolate

Sweets for the sweet... This sickly sweet murder mystery serves up death for dessert! Read more...

Court in the Act Murder Mystery Evening

Court in the Act

Nothing but the truth... A murder mystery like no other! Two stand accused of a most heinous crime, but which is guilty? You decide... Read more...

Cold Case Murder Mystery Evening

Cold Case

Getting away with murder... Twenty years ago there was an unsolved murder, the mystery hanging over one cop ever since. Until now... Read more...


For more ideas take a look at our complete list of murder mystery events, give our team a call on 0845 006 0606 or fill in a quick enquiry form.




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