Murder Mystery Evening in London - Monsterville Murder

Recipes to die for Each of our murder mystery evenings offers a unique experience, from the main storyline and characters involved, right through to the props and evidence and even the method of investigation that our guests use to solve the heinous crimes.

In The Pharaoh's Curse, for example, teams are transported back to colonial Egypt, sifting through the sands of history in an attempt to separate myth from murder before it's too late. Murder and the Mob sees an evening of speak easy glamour and glitz as guests find themselves caught in the middle of a mob war. The ever popular Who Killed His Lordship? takes teams into the home of aristocracy, with those above stairs having as much to hide as those below.

No murder mystery though is quite as unique as Monsterville Murder; unique because of the elaborate plot, the theming, the supporting cast, are nothing like our other mysteries.

But mostly unique because even the suspects are already dead!

Monsterville Murder PreperationSet in the Underworld, Monsterville Murder has teams investigating the untimely death of Duggaba, Lord of all Vampires. The list of potential suspects includes witches, werewolves, demons; all manner of creatures that go bump in the night.

Following the nail-biting introduction and death of our Vampire Lord, teams must set to the task of unravelling this mystery before the fallout spills into the streets of the mortal realm.

Monsterville Murder Event

At our recent Monsterville Murder event at the Kingsway Hotel in London, teams dressed the part and got involved in the spooky goings on through the evening and up to the witching hour, where their verdicts were submitted and truth was revealed.

"It was a cracking night, and everyone got massively involved. At the end the teams dressed up as the suspects and acted out their version of events - it was a very funny end to the evening!"

Dave Hall, Event Manager

To find out more about Monsterville Murder or any of our other award-winning murder mystery evenings, visit our website our give us a call on 0845 006 06 06