Murder at Oxford Spires

It is a frosty Saturday night in Oxford, and an unusual tension is in the air. Tonight, there will be some sinister action leaving Lord Burlington murdered! The Murder Mystery Company have been booked for a private birthday bash at The Oxford Spires Hotel to run one of our best selling murder mysteries, "Who Killed his Lordship?"

The actors get into character before the big death scene!

The diners are all sipping their wine and awaiting their starters, blissfully unaware of the horror that is about to begin. Suddenly there's a loud bang on the dining room door and an almighty groan of pain, as Lord Burlington stumbles into the room. Gasps of shock fill the room, as the poor man concludes a dramatic death scene and falls to the floor! 

There has been a murder, and only one man is equipped to crack the case. Holmes, Sherlock Holmes! With the aid of Sherlock and the local constabulary, the diners embark on solving the hideous crime. The tables are presented with the facts, and details about the suspects, who are all being held at the mobile Scotland Yard unit at the hotel.

Who Killed His Lordship

The diners form teams at their tables, and begin to interrogate the suspects. They thoroughly examine the contents of their pockets which have been confiscated by the police, search their criminal records, and carry out essential forensic tests. By the end of dinner as coffee is served the teams submit their verdicts, but did anyone solve this case? Just one team did on this occasion, but how would you fare at our Murder Mystery Evenings?

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