Shaken, not Stirred... at The Murder Mystery Company

The days are darkening and the evenings drawing in quicker, and it's getting close to Halloween... the perfect time of year for some thrill seeking ghoulish action with a Murder Mystery dinner! Here at the Murder Mystery Company we have noticed the increase in our evening bookings already as companies are starting to sway towards indoor events rather than outdoor activities as the days grow colder. There are hundreds of venues we use for our themed murder mystery evenings and we offer a free venue finding service, or if you have a house or restaurant already booked we can cater for your entertainment needs!

If it's technology that tickles your taste buds then we recommend our 007 James Bond themed event, On Her Majesty's Service, which uses gadgets galore and you'll have to work out just who has planted that spy camera in your dining room! After an explosive death scene you are enlisted to help solve this hideous crime and work out the who, the why, and the how in this deadly plot. Teams are provided with suspect packs to start them off with character information, and it's up to you to gather the gruesome details through their ipad case files, forensic tests and real time printed suspect answers to your interrogation!

This recent scene at the Westcliff Hotel, Essex had the audience roaring with laughter as they took part in the final action when verdicts were revealed.

"Playing 007 is an ambition of every male actor, and in a Murder Mystery evening it creates a thrilling blend of the mysterious with glamour, and a whole lot of humour. Our professional actors love it!"

Tamara Nasser, Event Manager

For more details about our James Bond themed murder mystery, or other themed events visit our website or call 08450 06 06 06.