TV Detective World Series Result - Caine vs Batman

Well, the results are in on the latest round of the The Murder Mystery Company's TV Detective World Series. Who will be joining such legends as Jessica Fletcher, Miss Marple and Thomas Magnum in the Winner's Circle? This contest was the most popular yet, and votes came in thick and fast. Horatio Caine Vs Batman

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner is...Batman

The caped crusader trounced Miami Dade's finest in the greatest landslide victory yet! With 90% of the vote, Batman has made it clear that he remains a force to be reckoned with.

The judges felt that voters just believed more in Batman on the day, and compared to Caine found him a down to earth, normal character in a world too often populated with over the top eccentrics.

"No thanks are REQUIRED", the caped crusader said in his usual humble yet odd tones. "It is... enough to know that I SERVE the ... people of Gotham".

Caine on the other hand looked crestfallen, and spent twelve minutes putting on and removing his sunglasses, before finally stepping forward and making this statement:

"Well, I guess the vote is in", he said, putting his sunglasses back on. "But the jury's out".

The following silence was awkward, and the following five minutes spent waiting for Caine's Hummer to turn up to collect him couldn't have passed soon enough.

So Batman joins Fletcher, Marple and Magnum in the winner's enclosure and begins the wait for round two.

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TV Detective World Series Result - McNulty vs Marple

The results are in for the third heat in the opening round of this year's flagship event - the TV Detective World Series. McNulty Vs Marple

It was a closely fought battle, but we can now announce that the winner is...

In the closest contest so far Miss Marple just edged into the lead in the closing moments of the round.

Judges commented that this battle split the audience down the middle, with the elderly sleuth just having a better turn out on the day.

McNulty took his defeat in his stride, saying "it's all the game, and the game is the game is the game and the game is played by the players of the game who play the game and the game is played and played and played".

To be fair, he had been drinking.

Marple joins other winners Jessica Fletcher and Magnum in the Winner's Circle, and can enjoy a nice cup of tea while watching the rest of this opening round play out.

For more information on the opening round take a look around the blog, or for more information about us, take a look at our site.

TV Detective World Series Result - Fletcher vs Lewis

Fletcher vs Lewis Well it was a cracking first round fight and started the TV Detective World Series off with a bang.

The voting is now closed, and it gives us great pleasure to announce the winner is...


Of course it was! With just more than three quarters of the vote, Fletcher goes through to the second round in comfort.

Lewis shouldn't be disheartened by this, and a quarter of the vote against such a contender as Fletcher is a very strong showing indeed.

On the day though, judges felt he was a little too functional, too obvious. A policeman doing his job is never going to compare with being a kindly old lady who writes mystery novels and solves murders in her spare time.

Some of the judges commented that before the next World Series Lewis would do well to flesh out his character, maybe take up hang gliding or move to Jersey and develop a drink problem. Or get an exotic pet. Or a pipe.

Or become a magician.

Fletcher on the other hand can now take a breather and study the results for the other first round matches as they come in. She may even have time to visit a friend and find one of their relatives mysteriously dies, the police are out of their depth and it really is down to her...

A big thank you to everyone who voted, and don't forget that our own love of Jessica Fletcher inspired us to create a brand new corporate event!

TV Detective World Series Round 1 - Fletcher vs Lewis

What with all the fuss about the Olympics, we at The Murder Mystery Company almost forgot one other significant tournament was playing out this year (has it really been twelve years?!) It's the TV Detective World Series! Obviously we are going to be watching this one closely - we even designed an event that celebrates this most wonderful of genres.

We need YOU to vote on the outcome. The TV Detective World Series is a democracy, with the viewing public deciding the victor in each round.

Round One - Match One

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The 'Murder, She Wrote' star enters this first round the clear favourite; with 244 solved murders under her belt she is hoping to make short work of Morse’s sidekick.

Of course Lewis was hoping for an easier first round. In fact talk around the dressing rooms suggested he fancied cutting his teeth against a Bergerac, or maybe even whoever was in Taggart after Taggart died. Of course Fletcher is one of the favourites coming in, but he knows that he was always going to have to face her eventually if he wants to get anywhere in this competition.

Lewis is hoping that after 33 episodes under his old boss Morse, and 20 with his own show, he has enough procedural experience to win the day.

Opening Round - Not Having A First Name

Fletcher takes an early knock with this one - everyone knows the name Jessica Fletcher, whether it's in the way her friends talk to her while she investigates a mysterious death, or on the cover of her countless mystery novels.

Lewis fares better, having been called ‘Lewis’ since primary school. However this is not a whitewash for him, as closer examination does show that he occasionally mentions his first name, which is Robert.

Round Two - Interfering

Fletcher comes back from the break fighting - nobody sticks their oar in where it is (initially) not wanted more than her. True, she invariably goes on to solve the murder, but that’s not before rubbing local law enforcement up the wrong way with her constant meddling.

Lewis, who is employed by Oxford Police Force as a Detective Sergeant and later Inspector, only interferes in an official capacity, so it’s a poor show for him this round.

Round Three - Uniqueness

Fletcher has no trouble dominating this round. She is an elderly woman who writes mystery novels, while in real life people in her extended social circle are being murdered by the dozen, forcing this fiction writer to flex her problem solving mind and catch the culprit... more than 200 times.

Lewis starts this round strongly, claiming an interest in the classics, real ale and opera. Then he remembers that was actually Morse. Flustered, he makes an amateur's mistake and falls back on ‘being a policeman’. This is lost under the undeniable uniqueness of Fletcher.

Round Four - The Show Title Just Being Your Surname

Fletcher takes a significant knock in this round, as not a single one of her 244 episodes was called 'Fletcher' - in fact each were called 'Murder, She Wrote'. Although Fletcher is the 'she' referred to in the title, there is no getting away from a poor showing on the day.

Lewis on the other hand plays a blinder. Even his former boss had to share title card space with the word 'Inspector', but Lewis goes title free and goes straight to surname. Not since Peter Falk stepped up to defend his title in 1988 has a contestant entered this round with the same confidence. But is it a case of too little too late for the Oxford crime solver?

The Result

It's too close to call. What the pundits predicted would be a whitewash for the 'elderly stateswoman' of TV Detection turned into an all-out battle for sleuthing supremacy. It's gone to the judges table, so now it's time for you to decide. Add your cheer-leading cries to the comments below, and get voting!

Voting closes one month from today, Monday 14th May 2012. In the meantime check out our main website for murder mystery evenings, days and other resources.

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