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Here at The Murder Mystery Company we love everything Murderous*! We have put together a collection of some of our favourite murder-related facts, trivia and information. Be sure to check back often as we will continue to add to these pages over the coming months!

Free Murder Mystery Puzzles

Murder Mystery Puzzles


Try our fiendish Sherlock Holmes crossword or test your speed against out devilish 007 anagrams! Read more...



A Study In Sherlock

A Study In Sherlock


The finest joke in the history of mankind?

 Murder Mystery Authors

Murder Mystery Authors


From Conan Doyle to Christie, Poe to James, some of the greatest ever writers have turned their pen to the murder mystery. Here we celebrate some of the best. Read more...

 Famous Murder Mysteries

Famous Murder Mysteries


From Jack the Ripper to the Zodiac Killer, unsolved murders have captured the imagination for hundreds of years. Read more...


* (except murder of course, we don't love that at all)


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