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Murder Mystery Days


Our murder mystery days are events that run over a half or full day. Each one is tailored to your needs, and as long as you have two hours or more, we can deliver an event to remember!

The Scary Movie Project Murder Mystery Event

The Scary Movie Project

Fancy yourself as the next Master of Horror? Now’s your chance as we supply you with all the equipment you need to create, script and film your very own horror movie trailer or short film! Read more...

You Only Live Once Murder Mystery Event

You Only Live Once

The ultimate 007 Adventure Day! With a rash of killings within MI6, it is up to you new recruits to get trained up as quickly as possible to unmask the assassin and win the day for Queen and country Read more...

Murder, You Wrote Murder Mystery Event

Murder, You Wrote

TV sleuths have given armchair investigators the thrill of the murder inquiry for years – now it’s your turn. Using our top of the range equipment, you will design a completely new breed of detective, and bring him or her to life by filming the title sequence of the pilot episode! Read more...

CSI:City Murder Mystery Event


CSI: City puts guests in the role of Crime Scene Investigators in the field; a killer is on the loose and it is up to them to collect the forensic evidence required to bring them to justice! Read more...

CSI:Academy Murder Mystery Event


Guests enter the Crime Scene Investigation Academy. Here they will learn the skills of the CSI; including dusting for fingerprints and fibre analysis using forensic microscopes. Read more...

CSI:Extreme Murder Mystery Event


From poring through the crime scene looking for evidence, to performing fibre analysis using forensic microscopes, to dusting for and lifting fingerprints, guests will fully experience the role of the CSI. Face reconstruction software and live interrogation will allow your Investigators to tighten the net on the suspect, before delivering their verdict in a courtroom finale. Read more...

I'm a Dead Celebrity Murder Mystery Event

I'm a Dead Celebrity

As if being part of a celebrity jungle-based reality TV show wasn’t hard enough, what with treetop trials, bushtucker banquets and all those stars to collect – now someone’s gone and died! Read more...

Ransom Murder Mystery Event


Time is of the essence in Ransom, as an over-worked police force must train up new recruits to solve the mystery and crack the case before it’s too late. Read more...

Antidote Murder Mystery Event


An unnamed terrorist organisation has poisoned the water supply, infecting everyone with a deadly virus! Guests must leap into action, solving a series of puzzles and challenges to construct an antidote ready for mass-production, before it’s too late. Read more...

 Manhunt Murder Mystery Event  


Teams must race to a variety of locations to gather clues and evidence in an attempt to unmask the enemy within! Read more...



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