A Guide To Booking A Successful Murder Mystery - Step Two

So, you’ve completed step one and made your decision. You know the purpose and main aims of your murder mystery event; now it’s time to look into the particulars...

Step Two - Things to Consider

How many guests will be attending?

  • If you’re not sure on exact numbers it’s better to overestimate than underestimate!
  • Think about the maximum number of guests and the expected number of guests.
Who will be attending?
  • How well do you know the guests? Think about ages, gender, departments, seniority.
  • Are there any disabilities that need to be considered?
  • Knowing characteristics and needs of the team will help with event suggestions; ensuring something suitable for all types.

Do you have a set date & time?

  • It’s worth bearing in mind that specific dates in the year and even certain days of the week can be busier than others. More flexibility will often mean better venue rates.
  • Are you planning an evening or day murder mystery?
  • How much notice will you give guests? Short notice, Friday nights and weekends may not work so well if they have family commitments.
  • Can the date tie in with other occasions? Team meeting, conference, product launch etc..

Location & Venue?

  • Where is the group based?
  • Do you have a set location or venue in mind?
  • How will the guests get to/from the venue?
  • Do you need any overnight accommodation?

Of course, you are welcome to use our Free Venue Finding Service at this point - you don't have to do it all yourself!

Having a detailed brief will help you get the best event options and venue suggestions for your murder mystery party. Although we understand it’s not always achievable to know all the key details, having as much information as possible will mean a better proposal with well-suited choices and accurate costings. Putting you on the right path to a great event and happy guests!

Next step - setting the budget!