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Murder Mystery Events

There is no such thing as a 'typical' murder mystery event here at The Murder Mystery Company! Each is unique, with every investigation finding its own route, each death dancing to its own macabre tune. That said, there are some broad categories that help us match our event types to your expectations.

Murder Mystery Evenings (or lunchtimes!)

These events traditionally run during a meal, with guests enjoying lunch or dinner while we entertain and enthral with a captivating mystery to unravel. Some of the most popular examples are below, or jump straight to our Top Murder Mysteries page.

Who Killed His Lordship? Murder Mystery Evening

Who Killed His Lordship?

A commotion outside; the dining hall doors fly open; Lord John staggers in. Guests have barely a moment to put down their drinks before he lies dead on the floor. That foul play was responsible is in no doubt. This is a job for Holmes... Sherlock Holmes. Read more...

Hollywood Homicide Murder Mystery Evening

Hollywood Homicide

With a blood-curdling scream the beautiful Marilyn staggers into the room and falls down dead. Within moments LAPD cops are on the scene and the investigation begins - with the guests’ help! Read more...

On Her Majesty's Service Murder Mystery Evening

On Her Majesty's Service

Security has been breached; an ally lies dead on the floor; we are betrayed. Into the panic and the chaos steps our man on the inside. Pond... James Pond. Read more...

Murder Mystery Days

These events run over a half or full day, and are usually 2-3 hours in length. Some popular examples are below, or head to the main Murder Mystery Days page.

The Scary Movie Project Murder Mystery Event

The Scary Movie Project

Fancy yourself as the next Master of Horror? Now’s your chance as we supply you with all the equipment you need to create, script and film your very own horror movie trailer or short film! Read more...

You Only Live Once Murder Mystery Event

You Only Live Once

The ultimate 007 Adventure Day! With a rash of killings within MI6, it is up to you new recruits to get trained up as quickly as possible to unmask the assassin and win the day for Queen and country Read more...




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