Who Killed His Lordship

The game's afoot! A commotion outside; the dining hall doors fly open; Lord John staggers in. Guests have barely a moment to put down their drinks before he lies dead on the floor. That foul play was responsible is in no doubt. This is a job for Holmes... Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes wastes no time in declaring the guests deputies of Scotland Yard. Together they must deduce not just the Who, but also the How and perhaps most chillingly of all, the Why?

It was the first Murder Mystery for most of us and we weren’t sure what to expect - it exceeded our expectations, everyone had a really good time!
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murder mystery who killed his lordship photos


  • Surprise dramatic death scene

  • Entertaining plotline

  • Sherlock Holmes frontman

  • Fingerprinting challenges

  • Traditional theming

  • Hilarious finale

What's Included

  • Winners' trophy

  • Professional Actor(s)

  • Event Manager

  • AV equipment

  • Personal Event Coordinator

  • £5million liability insurance

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