The facts of the case...

999 call received; officers dispatched; victim found dead at the scene. A brutal end to an innocent life. Police are left with the task of sifting through evidence and trying to recreate what happened here on this most terrible of nights. They cannot do this alone; they need their Crime Scene Investigators.

The CSIs must piece together each fragment of evidence and perform forensic tests to determine who is telling the truth and exactly what secrets are being hidden. They are the only chance the victim has of having a voice, of naming the killer, and resting in peace.

murder mystery csi
Their attention to detail and flexibility meant that we had an evening murder mystery event that was bespoke and of high quality. The audience loved it, and it made for an unforgettable dinner. Thank you guys!
murder mystery csi photos


  • Dramatic death scene
  • Detective frontman
  • Genuine CSI equipment
  • Authentic investigation techniques
  • Real world setting and plot
  • Hilarious finale

What's Included

  • Trophy prize for the winning team
  • Professional Actor(s)
  • AV equipment
  • Event Manager
  • Personal Event Coordinator
  • £5 million liability insurance

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