Murder and the Mob

An offer you can’t refuse...

New York, 1934. Amidst a period of unrest within the Mafia, boss of bosses Carmine ‘The Whisper’ Salvatore calls a meeting. The heads of the five families assemble in Central Park, but before the discussion can begin Carmine is shot dead by an unseen assailant.

As accusations and bullets start to fly, the five families descend into chaos, and bodies start to mount up in the city streets. The NYPD have the job of uncovering the truth behind Carmine’s assassination before the innocent of New York get caught up in all out mob war.

murder mystery murder and the mob
Fantastic evening, fantastic entertainment and fantastic actors. We would highly recommend this company.
— Tate Security Technology Limited
murder mystery murder and the mob photos


  • Surprise dramatic death scene
  • Immersive plotline
  • Professional NYPD frontman
  • Mafia themed story and characters
  • Memorable finale

What's Included

  • Trophy prize for the winning team
  • Professional Actor(s)
  • Event Manager
  • Personal Event Coordinator
  • £5million liability insurance

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