A Dastardly Plan is Foiled at The Piccadilly Institute, London

Being experts in murder for some 22 years now, we have learned that a distinctive venue choice can take your murder mystery from good to 'dead good' within the few seconds it takes your guests to walk through the door. Let us introduce you to The Piccadilly Institute in London - the quirkiest and most fanciful haunt in the neighbourhood.

Murder Mysteries in London

Always on the hunt for another wickedly sinister spot, we think we might have found our favourite one yet.

"The Piccadilly Institute is a place where new experiences can be gained. The unexpected, the beautiful and the bizarre are at every turn; Gorgeous in design and twisted in personality, it's dedicated to the principles of pleasure. There's something for every mood, every scene, every desire, a labyrinth of rooms with six different bar experiences each totally unique."

The six themed rooms are an adventure in the art of decor with a surprise through every hallway; from bundles of baby dolls in the Shrink room, to an explosion of multi-colour in the Fruitbox, it certainly is an experience your guests will not forget - the perfect venue to make your murder mystery event really stand out.

One of our full time event managers, Dave, led teams on a dastardly trail around London recently using The Institute as a backdrop for the opening scenes for one of our award-winning events.

After the popularity of the recent Sherlock films starring Robert Downey Jr., and Benedict Cumberbatch's potryal of the famous detective on BBC One, our Sherlock-themed events are even more popular than before.

'D.I. Lestrade', aka Dave, had teams cracking codes and chasing down criminals in a race against time to stop the evil Moriarty before his devastating plans came to fruition.

The Murder Mystery Company Sherlock-Themed Events London

Dave commented:

"What a fantastic venue for a themed event - three floors of quirky and outrageous decor! We chose the Shrink Room for the Sherlock event; with it's unsettling and eerie atmosphere it was perfect to get the teams in the mindset to hunt for the 'Napoleon of Crime'."

If you would like your murder mystery event to be just a little bit more unique, why not give us a call on 0845 006 06 06 and ask the team about our free venue-finding service. We're always happy to tailor something to you, and for inspiration and ideas about your theme you can visit our website for more info.

Murder Mystery Days: CSI Team Building in London

Last week, The Murder Mystery Company put our clients' investigative skills to the test with a brilliant CSI:City event. Teams were tasked with training as CSI agents and solving a baffling murder case - a quest which found them meeting up with mysterious contacts all over London, analysing clues and exploring evidence. CSI: City Briefing

Armed with their team iPads, radios and suspect case files, teams examined fingerprints, studied forensic clues and dissected witness statements in order to catch the killer. After plenty of teamwork and deliberation, the killer (and winning team) was announced, to the excitement of all!

Event Manager Katrina commented;

"CSI:City is a fabulous daytime Murder Mystery event because it gets the teams out and about, working together and having fun. Plus, who hasn't wanted to be an awesome crime-fighting detective, if only for one day?!"

Are you interested in making a Murder Mystery Day your team building event of the year? Visit our website or call 0845 006 06 06 to speak to a member of our lovely team.