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Case Studies


As well as our full range of murder mystery evenings and murder days we've created many bespoke murder mysteries for our clients over the years, always with great results.


Below are two case studies of unique murder mysteries we've designed, written, and delivered from a specific brief - and what the client thought!


Law & Disorder

The Brief


A popular satellite television channel contracted us to provide an experiential media day for select journalists to promote the latest series of Law & Order. The day should give the journalists a feel for a day in the life of the New York Police Department and generate excitement about the upcoming new series.

The Event



We created a tailor-made Law & Disorder event with guests experiencing everything from realistic crime scenes and forensic laboratories to suspect interrogations and courtroom drama. Facilitated by a team of actors and experts, including former police officers; journalists were taken through an exhilarating and interactive day of crime, mystery and justice.


Challenges included:


Crime Scene - Guests identified the key evidence amongst the array of clues, piecing them together to form the basis of the case.


Forensics – Using a variety of methods, guests had the opportunity to analyse various pieces of evidence, from fingerprinting to microscopic analysis.


Interrogation – Guests were witness to the assortment of interrogation techniques used by the police, including confrontation and recognising specific body language, before bringing the suspects in for questioning.


Closing Statements - The suspects were put onto the stand as guests took to the floor to present their case using all of the evidence and skills gathered to uncover the murderer and secure the right verdict!

The Results


The client was delighted with what they described as “an incredibly successful Law & Disorder event”, commenting on the professionalism throughout. The organiser went on to say “It was a fantastic launch event which successfully highlighted the themes and content of our UK premiere show.”


Guests’ comments included:


“The experience gave us a great appreciation for a small part of the painstaking work involved in solving real life cases of this nature and, a greater admiration for the TV shows that so convincingly pull off small screen imitations of the real thing!”


“This event was like no other; highly impressive.”




Silver Slayer


The Brief


International beauty company NIVEA contracted us to provide an experiential Halloween murder mystery, to launch a new deodorant product called ‘Silver Protect’. The event, which would be attended by staff and journalists, should focus on the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the product while providing an engaging and entertaining activity.

The Event



We designed a bespoke murder mystery with a completely original storyline that would facilitate the launch of the product. From original concept and design to script writing; character creation, costume and prop sourcing, pre filming and the incorporation of the product within the story and event, we were able to effectively bring the murder mystery to life.

The event was fronted by a professional actor and various different mediums were employed to relate the story, including a pre recorded ‘live’ link with an eccentric scientist that gave a detailed analysis of silver's properties and explained the product’s USPs before guests were given the chance to sample it for themselves. This was an extremely important element of the product launch and we were able to incorporate this in a fun, appealing and unique manner.

To further bring the characters to life pocket searches and criminal records were designed and produced for guests to examine during the event.

We also sourced an ideal venue for the murder mystery in keeping with the ‘silver’ theme, which enhanced the atmosphere with its various silver artefacts and décor.

The Results


The client was extremely happy with the event and commented that it was “really easy and hassle free to organise.” They described our staff as “professional” and were delighted to have their testimonial used:

“I am incredibly impressed with how easy it was to work with CCC Events. They were professional throughout and kept my mind at ease. They thought of every eventuality and used creativity and initiative at every turn. I would recommend CCC Events to everyone!”

Charlotte Mecklenburgh – NIVEA Press Officer




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