TV Detective World Series Result - Fitz vs Magnum

Well, it's been a month - the votes have been counted and checked in the second heat of the first round of the TV Detective World Series! It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner is...

With just over two thirds of the vote it was a clear victory for everybody's favourite moustachioed PI.

Fitz put up a strong fight and can leave the contest with his pride intact.

Judges remarked that the detection skills of each combatant were high, and in the end it came down to a popularity contest. Fitz, while brilliant, is a difficult man to love. Magnum PI on the other hand has a nice smile and an amazing moustache.

But Magnum's contest is not sealed. A nice moustache can be relied upon for getting through the first round, but he will need to bring more to the table against some of the icons that are still in the competition.

We have already seen Fletcher meddle her way into the second round - this reporter is concerned that Magnum's moustache alone will not be enough should he be drawn against her in the coming rounds.

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