A Guide To Booking A Successful Murder Mystery...

Organising a murder mystery can seem like a long and daunting task but it doesn't have to be! We've put together a step by step guide for anyone looking to hold a private murder mystery using a passionate and professional company. We've got over 20 years experience and are happy to help from the very beginning all the way through to the bloody end...

Step One - Decisions

Generally perceived as ‘an evening of fun entertainment’ (which they absolutely are), murder mysteries are also great icebreakers and team building events. They stimulate creativity, encourage problem solving and offer a great opportunity to build relationships. The first thing we would recommend is deciding on the aim of your murder mystery. Have a think about the reason for the event and what you want to achieve.

  • Is it purely for fun & entertainment?
  • Is it a reward or celebration?
  • Is it a team building event?
  • Do you want to integrate new team members, increase communication, etc?
  • Is it a bit of everything above!?

Different murder mysteries will be more effective for different objectives. If you’re looking for pure unadulterated fun then you may be swayed by the theming of the murder mystery. For example, Murder and the Mob is very popular due to the option of a  glamorous dress code. However if you want to really challenge your guests ensuring some serious teamwork, you may consider something trickier like The Da Vinci Files.

Knowing what you want out of your murder mystery can help us to advise you on which to choose. They are all great fun, but we have worked hard to provide events that focus on different priorities, whether it's an emphasis on audience-participation, lateral thinking, team based communication, creativity or problem solving.

We don't dress the same event up with a couple of different characters or settings. Rather, we meet your specific requirements - whatever those requirements may be!

Next we'll be looking at all the important things to consider and ways to keep all the group happy!