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Death at the Races

Death at the Races Murder Mystery Evening

And they’re off...


The event is Glorious Goodwood and the stakes are high. Multiple prize-winner Blue Gin is the talk of the day, ridden by celebrity jockey Frankie Dewalrus. Guests clutching betting slips wait anxiously for the gates to open.

But what’s this? Blue Gin is last from the gate, and struggling from the start. Within moments the horse falls and panic grips the crowd. The minutes seem to drag into hours, until the announcement that nobody was expecting – horse and jockey are both dead.


Some horrible accident? Some freak of nature? Or is the truth something altogether more terrible?



Inside Info

“This one is a lot of fun, because along with the murder mystery the guests also get to place bets on races and experience the thrill of the racetrack, from the comfort of the dinner table!”

Kim Harrington, Event Manager


Vital Statistics

Format: Murder Mystery Race Night (or afternoon) 

Theme: Horse racing, gambling, intrigue

Style: Fun, Team Based, Interactive

Best For: Entertainment, Team Building

Guests: 8-300+

Timings: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: 4/5

Budget Indicator: £££££

 A Question of MurderOne Fatal Knight




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