The Brief

Hasbro's PR team needed a high end launch event for the latest release of the ever popular Cluedo board game. With new characters, a new look but the same much loved format; the event would be attended by journalists and staff and needed to represent and entertain in equally large doses.

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The Event

Our writers got to work creating a worthy story for the groundbreaking news that Mrs. White was to be killed off! Whilst our design team brought the revamped board game to life with our state of the art inhouse production facilities.

After the dramatic death of our old friend Mrs. White, our professional actors quickly immersed the guests in an interactive and entertaining twist with this live action version of the classic Cluedo murder mystery game.

All our favourite characters from Miss Scarlett to Professor Plum were brought to life with giant banners, high quality acrylic statues, bespoke clues and paperwork. In the traditional manner our guests also had to identify the room and murder weapon through a series of fun interactive challenges and interrogations.

The Results

Another mystery solved... and a great time had by all! Organisers and journalists had a great time deducing their verdicts and our actors brought the evening to a dramatic close with the final reveal. Bespoke promotional giveaways served as a welcome souvenir from a successful night's sleuthing!